Leading the way in innovative FinTech software solutions

Our leadership team comes from all walks of life, with extensive knowledge and experience across both the finance and tech spaces. They lead from the front, sharing their expertise to help guide Finyard to success.
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inspire · vision · management · team · work · inspire · vision · management · teamwork ·

Dmitrij Pruglo

Group CEO

Dmitrij Pruglo has over 18 years of experience in the financial service industry. Through this multi-year experience, he has acquired deep knowledge of most asset classes, including FX, options, futures, equity, commodities, complex OTC structured and fixed-income products. Dmitrij has spent close to a decade building and leading very successful software development companies. Having gained invaluable expertise at renowned institutions like SEB Bank and Saxo Bank, Dmitrij fully redirected his focus towards financial software engineering in 2016. By merging his knowledge in software development with his background in finance and maintaining a commitment to staying updated with the latest fintech trends, Dmitrij has emerged as the CEO of Finyard.


Tim Voronin

Group CGO

Tim Voronin, is an accomplished executive with a proven history of driving growth and innovation within multiple industries. Tim’s extensive background in leadership roles has helped him hone his skills and expertise, propelling companies to new heights. Throughout his career, Tim has held pivotal positions at renowned organizations, including both global tech giants and startups. He has consistently demonstrated a propensity for identifying opportunities and capitalizing on emerging trends, ultimately elevating companies to become leaders within their industries. 


Kirill Chernyi

Group CFO

With a background in financial consultancy spanning tax, audit, and financial structuring, Kirill has provided valuable insights throughout his career. Previously Kirill served as a consultant to tech startups, assisting with business planning and fundraising. Kirill has played a crucial role in building and managing financial operations for several tech companies. His experience in crafting financial systems from scratch and overseeing day-to-day financial management has proven valuable for these organizations. Kirill has a solid background in managing and optimizing operations within digital financial platforms, where he played a pivotal role in designing and streamlining systems to facilitate seamless transactions and user experiences.


Marinos Adamou

Group COO

Marinos Adamou has served as a regional CEO of a listed entity, having managed medium and large teams in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, India, and Pakistan. Marinos comes from a strong information technology and accounting background and has an extensive understanding of complex corporate structures, statutory reporting procedures and operational optimisations. 


Rachel Demosthenous

Group CMO

Rachel Demosthenous is Group Chief Marketing Officer at Finyard. Her impressive background in global marketing spans over a 15 year period, during which she successfully led diverse marketing teams within the Fintech and financial services sectors, establishing renowned brands and pioneering innovative products. Using her extensive experience Rachel has launched a multitude of successful campaigns and initiatives, while guiding all stages of marketing in culturally diverse and competitive international markets with impressive effectiveness, performance and results.


Sergey Yarovoy

Group CCO

With over 8 years of experience in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing and e-commerce, Sergey is a seasoned professional within the FinTech industry, specializing in the FX and Crypto sectors. His role entails crafting and nurturing a global network of high-performing partners, orchestrating innovative approaches to sales and customer support functions, and propelling the company's growth through quality traffic and revenue streams. His leadership journey has been marked by effective communication and mentorship, guiding a diverse commercial department and fostering collaboration with internal and external stakeholders spanning multiple regions and markets.


Denis Nepomniashchikh

Group CDO

Denis has 10 years of experience in the fields of FinTech and Data, using his extensive knowledge of Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning to drive strategic business transformations. For over 8 years, his efforts have primarily focused on leading data-driven teams. Throughout this time, he has managed to create a niche by leveraging valuable data to develop actionable blueprints for business growth. His journey is underscored by a commitment to innovation, consistently bridging the gap between specificities of the financial industry and data science. His leadership is characterised by a forward-thinking approach, driving data-centric initiatives and fostering synergies across diverse FinTech landscapes.


Alexander Suslov

Group CTO

With 15 years of extensive experience across diverse fields of software development, Alexander Suslov has played a significant role in the technological journey of company. As the Chief Technology Officer, Alexander has been instrumental in developing numerous products from scratch, always prioritizing product security and reliability. His leadership and expertise are evident in every project the team undertakes.