Finyard x Techisland; shaping the future of tech in Cyprus

We’re proud to announce that Finyard has become a member of Techisland, a non-profit organisation seeking to make Cyprus a global hub for tech talent. We’re joining a community of over 300 of the most innovative companies on the island, and together we’ll help the local tech sector grow to new and exciting heights.

Accelerating technological growth and innovation

Becoming a member of Techisland is about more than just ‘joining the club’. With Finyard headquartered in Cyprus, we’re committed to helping the local tech sector grow and challenge among Europe’s elite. This is a mission we and Techisland share; to turn Cyprus into a world class destination for the best in tech talent. The non-profit’s objectives include:

  • Giving a voice to the local tech industry
  • Improving living conditions to attract world-class talent
  • Raising awareness around tech-based opportunities in Cyprus
  • Supporting the development of the local tech ecosystem
  • Creating long-lasting impact on society through coordinated CSR campaigns

Learn more about Techilsand and its mission here.

Making a real impact together

We’re really excited about the journey ahead, and can’t wait for all the amazing things we and the other members of Techisland will achieve in the coming years. Here’s to making an impact, together!

Finyard CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo, commented:

“Joining Techisland is a good step towards our ultimate goal; helping make Cyprus a #1 destination for tech talent from all over the world. At Finyard, we’ve always understood the potential of the island, which is why we based our HQ here. And with the hard work that non-profits like Techisland have been doing, I’m sure that potential will be realised soon.”