Exploring Finyard’s culture: voices from the team

At Finyard, our inclusive, democratic culture centred on enabling professionals to grow is the bedrock of our leadership in delivering pioneering FinTech solutions. By bringing together diverse perspectives and providing the flexibility for talent to experiment, we empower world-changing innovation.

Diverse talents shape cutting-edge innovation 

Our recognition of diverse talents as a critical component of innovation is a cornerstone of our culture. We understand that breakthroughs in FinTech do not come from homogeneity, but from the rich, varied perspectives of our team members who hail from different cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity is not just in nationality or academic qualifications, but also in thought, experience, and approach to problem-solving.

Kalliopi Zabafti, our Head of Talent Acquisition, puts it aptly. “There’s a purpose you can develop within the company,” highlighting the bespoke growth opportunities we offer. Each member’s unique strengths and insights are acknowledged, creating a melting pot of ideas that drive us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in FinTech.

Our approach to diversity is multifaceted. We actively seek out professionals from various sectors. Moreover, we foster an environment where these diverse talents can flourish. We provide platforms for voices to be heard, encourage cross-departmental collaborations, and facilitate mentorship opportunities. This inclusivity ensures that each idea, regardless of its origin, is given the space to be explored and developed.

Management as leaders 

Rather than micromanage, Finyard’s management believes in building talented teams and inspiring them with the product vision, while granting autonomy to turn ideas into reality. As Sergey Yarovoy, Group CCO, notes, “It’s the great opportunity to learn, earn and be a better version of yourself.” 

By providing guidance while allowing self-direction, we enable organic growth of innovations critical for advancement. This tribal approach is more agile than traditional hierarchy, better positioning us to capitalise on new opportunities.

The proof is in the culture 

The personal stories from our team members demonstrate Finyard’s caring, empowering ethos. Tamara Mushanova fondly recalls the “extraordinary support I received for my professional development.” 

Anna Tokareva, Senior Design Lead, also remembers “the company’s investment in its people” through abundant growth opportunities. It is this culture of nurturing talent by supporting professional growth that drives our FinTech innovations. By helping our people thrive, we thrive.

Flexible yet quality-focused

Even as we maintain a flexible, democratic culture where “we are more than just colleagues we are friends,” as Kirill Chernyi, Group CFO observes, our standards and expectations for excellence remain high. 

As Tamara Mushanova, Localisation Manager, notes, “Even though we have an encouraging culture, we aim for quality in everything we do. Our standards motivate employees at all levels to continuously hone their skills.”

Savvas Constantinou, Senior Product Manager, especially likes “that my thoughts are being heard by a lot of stakeholders.” We nurture talent by encouraging bold experimentation while empowering teams to execute to the highest quality bar. This fusion of flexibility and high standards accelerates innovations.

An environment where people thrive 

Our workplace stands out for its friendly, democratic atmosphere where over 90 talented individuals joined just last year, and only a few voluntarily left. Once people join Finyard, they are keen to stay because ideas can thrive regardless of role or background. 

As Rachel Demostenous, Group CMO, observes, “Finyard is about innovation, supportive teams, growth opportunities, amazing work culture.” We empower people to become the best version of themselves by fostering an encouraging, tight-knit community.

The vision of our leadership 

Under the visionary leadership of Dmitrij Pruglo, Finyard’s CEO, the company has rapidly emerged as an industry leader. As Pruglo notes, “Our culture is our strength. It’s what makes us more than just a company; it’s what makes us a community.” 

By bringing together diverse perspectives and nurturing talent through professional growth, we foster the pioneering innovations that revolutionise FinTech. Pruglo’s emphasis on nurturing a “community” catalyses the sharing of ideas critical for advancement.


The voices across Finyard resoundingly affirm that our nurturing, flexible yet quality-focused culture centred on empowering talent is integral to pioneering the FinTech breakthroughs of tomorrow and beyond. By supporting professional growth and enabling bold experimentation, we will continue delivering innovations that disrupt the status quo.